Преимущества недвижимости на Пхукете

Преимущества недвижимости на Пхукете


Преимущества недвижимости на Пхукете
Buying a country house has always been a profitable and popular investment. Buying an apartment abroad will not only save you money, bring profit from renting, but also give you the opportunity to relax by the sea all year round. In this article we will talk about buying a new build property phuket.

The construction of new condominiums is the dominant of the construction boom in Thailand, in particular we will talk about Phuket.

Condominiums in Thailand are not just an apartment building, it is a whole complex with a developed infrastructure and high-quality service. The number of new buildings is increasing every day, which leads to a corresponding increase in the secondary housing market. And then the main question arises, what to choose?

Advantages of new buildings
1st prize.

The cost per square meter in a new project, especially if the contract is concluded at the construction stage, will be lower than that of an apartment of similar quality and characteristics on the secondary market.

2nd installment.

Most developers in Phuket offer interest-free installments for the construction period. And sometimes even after the completion of construction works for a period of 1 to 5 years.

3. Transaction security.

Buying a property from a developer is one of the safest deals in Thailand. This type of contract is regulated by law and restricts the developer in formulating the terms of the contract.

4. Modern technologies.

As a rule, each new project is further improved. Developers offer new technologies, intelligent management, convenient layouts, modern and high-quality finishes.

5. The possibility of making changes.

During the construction period, the buyer can make a number of changes, not always, but there is such an opportunity. For example, combine two apartments, change the layout or design.

6. Furniture and appliances.

Apartments in new condominiums are sold with ready-made repairs and a built-in furniture package.

At the stage of pre-sale or launch of sales, developers offer buyers a profitable system of interest-free installment payments. After the deposit is paid, the price is frozen and cannot be increased. All payment terms are individual: negotiated before purchase, depending on the company itself and the state of construction. Usually you are offered a period of 1-3 years to pay off payments. The scheme itself looks something like this:

a deposit of 3000 USD for booking a specific apartment or villa;
the first transfer of 30% of the cost to the developer’s account to activate the contract;
Payment of the remaining expenses upon receipt of keys or payment of 15-20% at each stage of construction: laying of communications, laying of the foundation, erection of the building frame, finishing of the object;
The final payment is 5-10% when registering the apartment as a property and handing over the keys.